Spoon: Telephono / Soft Effects

Spoon: Telephono / Soft Effects
Title: Telephono / Soft Effects
Label: Matador Records

Britt Daniel and Jim Eno started Spoon as a Pixies-style punk band in Austin, Texas in the mid-'90s. Over the years, they evolved into one of the most restlessly creative, endlessly acclaimed bands in indie rock; it's quite a trip to rewind like this and hear their 1996 debut LP "Telephono" and 1997 EP "Soft Effects." They're at their youthful punky best, but you clearly hear their songcraft flowering already as you encounter (on "Telephono") "Don't Buy the Realistic," "All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed," "Nefarious," "The Government Darling" (on "Soft Effects") "Waiting for the Kid to Come Out," "Loss Leaders," "Mountain to Sound" and more. These early Spoon triumphs are now back in print for the first time since their initial release, newly recut from the original masters and available here individually on vinyl or together on 2 CDs! Matador.

1.1 Don't Buy the Realistic
1.2 Not Turning Off
1.3 All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed
1.4 Cvantez
1.5 Nefarious
1.6 Claws Tracking
1.7 Dismember
1.8 Idiot Driver
1.9 Towner
1.10 Wanted to Be Your
1.11 Theme to Wendel Stivers
1.12 Primary
1.13 The Government Darling
1.14 Plastic Mylar
1.15 Mountain to Sound
1.16 Waiting for the Kid to Come Out
1.17 I Could See the Dude
1.18 Get Out the State
1.19 Loss Leaders

Spoon: Telephono / Soft Effects

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