St. John's College Choir, Cambridge

St. John's College Choir, Cambridge: English Choral Music

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Title: English Choral Music
Label: Naxos

1.1 Rejoice in the Lamb: Rejoice in God, O Ye Tongues
1.2 Rejoice in the Lamb: For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey
1.3 Rejoice in the Lamb: For the Mouse Is a Creature of Great Personal Valour
1.4 Rejoice in the Lamb: For the Flowers Are Great Blessings
1.5 Rejoice in the Lamb: For I Am Under the Same Accusation with My Saviour
1.6 Rejoice in the Lamb: For H Is a Spirit and Therefore He Is God
1.7 Rejoice in the Lamb: For the Instruments Are By Their Rhimes
1.8 Rejoice in the Lamb: Hallelujah from the Heart of God
1.9 Te Deum in C
1.10 Jubilate Deo
1.11 Antiphon
1.12 A Hymn to the Virgin
1.13 Festival Te Deum
1.14 Missa Brevis in D: Kyrie
1.15 Missa Brevis in D: Gloria
1.16 Missa Brevis in D: Sanctus
1.17 Missa Brevis in D: Benedictus
1.18 Missa Brevis in D: Agnus Dei
1.19 Hymn to St Peter
1.20 A Hymn of Saint Columba
1.21 Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Vittoria
1.22 Hymn to St Cecilia

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