Starry (Original Concept Recording) (Deluxe Ed.)

Starry (Original Concept Recording) (Deluxe Ed.): Starry (Original Concept Recording) - Deluxe Edition

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Product Type: CD

Title: Starry (Original Concept Recording) - Deluxe Edition
Label: Broadway Records

Set to a modernized pop-rock score, the new grassroots musical Starry (a new musical by Matt Dahan and Kelly Lynne D'Angelo) is a story about the thousands of letters between the famous painter Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo van Gogh, and their journey together to find the power of expression. The recording features the vocal talents of Jeff Blim, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Mariah Rose Faith, Natalie Llerena, Natalie Masini, Michael Minto, Joe Viba, Clayton Snyder, Dylan Saunders and Huck Walton. This new edition of the album will feature never-before heard demos of songs not featured on the original album, performed by Dahan & D'Angelo.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 Impress Me
1.3 A New Horizon
1.4 United in Distaste
1.5 Something After All
1.6 Enlightenment
1.7 Where Are We Going?
1.8 The Sower
1.9 The Road
1.10 The Yellow House
1.11 Sunlight and Storms
1.12 On the Threshold of Eternity
1.13 The Red Vineyard
1.14 The Starry Night
1.15 Wheat Fields / Finale Ultimo
1.16 Take on the World Together (Demo)
1.17 Paris at Night
1.18 Something After All - Original Version (Demo)

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