Stars of David / O.B.C.

Stars of David / O.B.C.: Stars of David / O.B.C.

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Artist: Stars of David / O.B.C.
Title: Stars of David / O.B.C.

You don't have to be Jewish to relate to this funny and captivating song-cycle featuring original music by Broadway's finest composers and lyricists. Based on the best-selling book by Abigail Pogrebin, this new musical adaptation of STARS OF DAVID celebrates the Jewish identity of America's most notable public figures.

1.1 Stars of David
1.2 Yitzy Magence
1.3 As If I Weren't There
1.4 Lenny the Great
1.5 High Holy Days
1.6 Music to My Ears
1.7 Smart People
1.8 Balance
1.9 Book of Norman
1.10 Who Knew Jew
1.11 The Darkening Blue
1.12 Broken Pieces
1.13 Just Be Who You Are
1.14 Horrible Seders
1.15 The Woman Who Had No Names
1.16 L'dor V'dor

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