Stefanie Boltz: Door

Stefanie Boltz: Door
Title: Door
Label: Fine Music

Stefanie Boltz calls her new album "The Door" with thirteen original compositions. In fact, it's all about the many doors that you open in your life, sometimes curious and timid, sometimes thoughtless with stormy feelings, these are the ones, which can't be closed again easily. While some turn out to be a Pandora's box that you want to slam again as quickly as possible, others open up new horizons. Stefanie Boltz sings about the innumerable shades that lie in between, above all, about the doors, which open up abysses, that we still do not want to miss, not for love or money. "Over the last 7 years, as an artist, I have had the good fortune to try out and develop a lot with double bass player and fantastic creative partner Sven Faller in our duo formation 'Le Bang Bang'. My vocal style was able to unfold - with a wide range of dynamics and expressive colors, as in this minimalistic cast there simply was and is a lot of space, "notes Stefanie Boltz, because her musical background is important to her. And she continues: "While I wrote my debut together with Sven as a songwriter in 2014, I now stand before my first album with completely self-composed and texted material. A big step for me, which was a lot of fun but also very demanding. "

1.1 Adorable Stupid Girls
1.2 Stones Shape
1.3 The Door
1.4 I Want to Be Loved
1.5 Way Too Tight
1.6 I Grew Up
1.7 Naked Pony Ride
1.8 The Pain in My Right Knee
1.9 Meine Weißen Tasten
1.10 I Just Can´T Finish This Song
1.11 Answers
1.12 You Learned to Call My Name
1.13 Days of Coke and Coffee

Stefanie Boltz: Door

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