Steinbock: Till The Limit

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Steinbock

Title: Till The Limit
Label: Art Gates Records

Steinbock are a young Hard Rock Metal combo from Lleida (Spain) formed back in 2014. The band is synonim of energy, hard work and perseverance, always believing in themselves these youngsters have build a strong basis to start a solid career. Their live shows are energetic, dynamic, full of passion performing their own songs. Their first work "Steinbock EP" and their second one "Black Gold", are both from 2014 and 2015 respectively, and are part of a presentation mockup called "Brainwashing" recorded in the Norman Studio (Lleida). Steinbock is now ready to unleash their debut album "Till The Limit" in Autumn of this year through Art Gates Records worldwide.

1.1 Trash
1.2 Gamble Man
1.3 War
1.4 Beer
1.5 4 Vices
1.6 Keep It on
1.7 Break It, Split It
1.8 Jump!

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