Sterling, Louis: Adisceda

Sterling, Louis: Adisceda
Title: Adisceda
Label: 99Chants
Product Type: VINYL LP

The second installment of David August's 99CHANTS comes in the form of Adisceda, the debut offering of 21-year-old UK producer Louis Sterling. Louis' talents initially caught David's attention through a demo, which showcased Louis' impressive musical maturity and his ability to express complex emotions through his music. Through an in-depth correspondence over the next months, Adisceda slowly found it's shape. Conceived during the mourning process for a close family member that passed away in 2016, Adisceda was freely written as a continuous prayer of reminiscence; "Like a photograph, capturing a close memory as it gradually fades away, becoming pale, faint and less visible", as Louis recalls. "Even at times of desperately trying to recollect the close moments that once meant the world to me." Yet, Adisceda captures the overcoming of grief and loss - a healing process beautiful, hopeful, pure, and transcendent. Mastered by ambient specialist Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios NY in a full color cover designed by Colin D. Fletcher. 180 gram vinyl with white inners in stickered sleeve.

1.1 Adisceda
1.2 The Pillars of Serene
1.3 Under the Monarch
1.4 A.D. Millenium View
1.5 The Black Gate to Utopia
2.1 An Ancestors Forgiveness
2.2 Falstaff, in Awe
2.3 Southstoke Orchard
2.4 A Reminiscence of 2000
2.5 Simoné

Sterling, Louis: Adisceda

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