Steve Earle

Steve Earle: Copperhead Road

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Artist: Steve Earle

Artist: Steve Earle
Title: Copperhead Road

Deluxe Edition Two CD set. Reissue of Steve Earle's 1988 album, Copperhead Road, a Country Music. The title song "Copperhead Road" (an actual location in Mountain City, Tennessee) tells of a Vietnam War veteran, scion of a rural moonshine bootlegging clan, who returns home to grow marijuana on his family's land (the song also inspired a popular line dance timed to the beat of the song). "Johnny Come Lately" (performed with the Pogues) compares the experience of US servicemen fighting in WWII with those in the Vietnam War, and contrasts the differing receptions they received on returning home. Many of the album's songs reflect Earle's politics.

1.1 Copperhead Road
1.2 Snake Oil
1.3 Back to the Wall
1.4 The Devil's Right Hand
1.5 Johnny Come Lately
1.6 Even When I'm Blue
1.7 You Belong to Me
1.8 Waiting on You
1.9 Once You Love
1.10 Nothing But a Child
2.1 The Devil's Right Hand
2.2 Fearless Heart
2.3 San Antonio Girl
2.4 Nobody But You/Continental Trailways Bus
2.5 My Baby Worships Me
2.6 Wheels
2.7 The Week of Living Dangerously
2.8 Johnny Come Lately
2.9 Brown and Root
2.10 I Love You Too Much
2.11 It's All Up to You
2.12 Nebraska
2.13 Copperhead Road
2.14 I Ain't Ever Satisfied
2.15 Dead Flowers
2.16 Little Sister
2.17 Guitar Town

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