Steve Hackett & Djabe

Steve Hackett & Djabe: Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers

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Artist: Steve Hackett & Djabe
Title: Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers

Djabe, the world-renowned Hungarian jazz group, joined Hackett for the two concerts included here: one (on the DVD only) from Bratislava in 2011, the other from Budapest in 2012. They've performed together multiple times and there's a magic to their sound together; they do Hackett solo favorites and classics from his days in Genesis: "Firth of Fifth," "Blood on the Rooftops," "In That Quiet Earth," "Los Endos," "The Steppes," "Ace of Wands," "City of Habi," "Butterfly," "Last Train to Istanbul," "Summer Rain" and more. Also on the DVD: a short documentary, a performance of "Jacuzzi/Overnight Sleeper" with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra and the "Tears for Peace" promotional video! Esoteric/Antenna.

1.1 City of Habi
1.2 The Steppes
1.3 Butterfly
1.4 Scenes ? Above Poland
1.5 Scenes ? Sunset at the Seaside
1.6 Horizons
1.7 Ace of Wands
1.8 Flowers Stillness
1.9 Rush for Mã?Nes
1.10 Strange Places
1.11 Last Train to Istanbul
1.12 Firth of Fifth
1.13 Summer Rain
1.14 In That Quiet Earth
1.15 Distant Dance
1.16 Los Endos
2.1 City of Habi
2.2 The Steppes
2.3 Dark Soup
2.4 Butterfly
2.5 Scenes ? Above Poland
2.6 Scenes ? Sunset at the Seaside
2.7 Steve?S Acoustic Set: Classical Gas / Blood on the Rooftops / Horizons
2.8 Ace of Wands
2.9 Firth of Fifth
2.10 Last Train to Istanbul
2.11 Summer Storms
2.12 Rocking Rivers
2.13 Rush for Mã?Nes
2.14 Strange Places
2.15 Rush for Mã?Nes Reprise
2.16 Summer Rain
2.17 In That Quiet Earth
2.18 Distant Dance
2.19 Jacuzzi/Overnight Sleeper (Recorded Live in Miskolc, Hungary)
2.20 Tears for Peace (Promotional Video)
2.21 Rocking Summer Roads: Document

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