Hackett, Steve: Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live

Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live
Title: Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live
Artist: Hackett, Steve
Label: Inside Out
UPC: 190759902523
Genre: Rock

Two CDs + DVD + Blu-ray edition. The album was recorded on 5th October 2018 at The Royal Festival Hall, London, during the 2018 Genesis Revisited Tour which fulfilled a long held ambition of Steve's: to perform the music of Genesis with a live orchestra. The concert featured Steve's regular touring band of Roger King (keyboards), Gary O'Toole (drums/percussion), Rob Townsend (saxes/flutes) with Nad Sylvan on vocals and Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings) on bass, together with special guests John Hackett and Amanda Lehmann, and augmented by the 41-piece Heart Of England Orchestra conducted by Bradley Thachuk. Steve commented - "It was a fantastic experience for both the band and myself to play alongside an orchestra and to feel the power of the sound this extraordinary combo created. It sounds equally compelling on both film and audio. I'm proud to release this exciting product."

1.1 Dance on a Volcano
1.2 Out of the Body
1.3 The Steppes
1.4 Firth of Fifth
1.5 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
1.6 Acoustic guitar solo
1.7 Blood on the Rooftops
1.8 Shadow of the Hierophant
2.1 In That Quiet Earth
2.2 Afterglow
2.3 Serpentine Song
2.4 El Niño
2.5 Supper's Ready
2.6 The Musical Box
3.1 Menu Loop
3.2 Dance on a Volcano
3.3 Out of the Body
3.4 The Steppes
3.5 Firth of Fifth
3.6 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
3.7 Blood on the Rooftops
3.8 Shadow of the Hierophant
3.9 In That Quiet Earth
3.10 Afterglow
3.11 Serpentine Song
3.12 El Niño
3.13 Supper's Ready
3.14 The Musical Box
3.15 Behind the Scenes at the Royal Festival Hall
3.16 Beasts in Our Time
3.17 Under the Eye of the Sun
3.18 Peace
4.1 Menu Loop
4.2 Dance on a Volcano
4.3 Out of the Body
4.4 The Steppes
4.5 Firth of Fifth
4.6 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
4.7 Blood on the Rooftops
4.8 Shadow of the Hierophant
4.9 In That Quiet Earth
4.10 Afterglow
4.11 Serpentine Song
4.12 El Niño
4.13 Supper's Ready
4.14 The Musical Box

Hackett, Steve: Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live


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