Steve Jansen

Steve Jansen: Extinct Suite

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Steve Jansen

Title: Extinct Suite
Label: SJ Productions

With Steve Jansen on drums, Japan enjoyed huge success whilst simultaneously creating a back catalog of music that still inspires today. Fast forward to 2007, after many years collaborating with artists such as Richard Barbieri, Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Bernd Friedmann, Steve released his debut, solo album Slope. Steve Jansen's second solo album Tender Extinction (HEADCOUNT 037LP/SJ 001CD, 2016) was an evocative blend of songs and instrumentals. The Extinct Suite is a reinterpretation of the more ambient and orchestral elements of this last album Tender Extinction. Not a remix by any means, some familiar passages are woven together with additional pieces to create a suite of instrumentals lasting over 55 minutes as one single track. Written, performed, produced and mixed by Steve Jansen. Personnel: Steve Jansen - piano, synths, sampled instruments, string arrangements, sound design; Additional contributors: Melentini Toila - trumpet; Seigen Tokuzawa - cello; Thomas Feiner - background vocals; Stelios Romaliadis - flute; Giorgos Varoutas - guitar treatments.

1.1 The Extinct Suite Part 1
1.2 The Extinct Suite Part 2

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