Steven Bernstein

Steven Bernstein: Good Time Music (community Music, Vol. 2)

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Good Time Music (community Music, Vol. 2)
Label: Royal Potato
Product Type: VINYL LP

Good Time Music draws on the feeling that Helm brought to the audiences at the Midnight Rambles, not to mention Bernstein's experience touring with Little Feat. And once again, there's that sense of music as healing. "Absolutely," Bernstein agrees. "It's always healing to play good time music - even if you haven't experienced loss. Playing good time music feels good: the band feels good, the audience feels good, everything feels good." Never mind that the words to most of these songs are kind of downers - "I don't hear lyrics!" Bernstein protests. Good time music, you see, is all about the tap, the nod and the smile.

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