Steven Tharp

Steven Tharp: Complete Songs

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Artist: Steven Tharp

Title: Complete Songs
Label: Naxos American

This is the first complete recording of MacDowell's art songs. Between 1883 and 1902 he composed a total of 42 songs, which were, however, published out of chronological sequence. The earliest in opus number, the Two Old Songs, Opus 9, were actually the eighth group of songs MacDowell wrote. MacDowell's songs in their order of composition, marked a change in technical style. The earliest, dating from 1883, are full and opulent, but he soon began cutting back the piano score to the merest background for the vocal line. The earliest songs were composed in 1883 and published as Opp. 11 and 12 by C.F. Kahnt in Leipzig. In 1898 Breitkopf & Hartel reprinted the five songs as one set. Heinrich Heine is the author of the poems for Du liebst mich nicht (You Love me Not), Oben, wo die Sterne gluhen (The Skies, where Stars are Glowing) and Mein LiebGhen (My Love and I sat Close Together). The texts for the two songs of Opus 12 are by Emanuel Geibel and Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock. MacDowel1 was still very much under the influence of Raff and these five early songs are fairly Germanic in both style and beauty and some biographers have even compared them stylistically to early Richard Strauss.

1.1 Two Songs, Op.34: Menie
1.2 Two Songs, Op.34: My Jean
1.3 Drei Lieder, Op.33: Bitte (A Request)
1.4 Drei Lieder, Op.33: Geistliches Wiegenlied (Cradle Hymn)
1.5 Drei Lieder, Op.33: Idylle (Idyll)
1.6 Three Songs, Op.60: Tyrant Love
1.7 Three Songs, Op.60: Fair Springtide
1.8 Three Songs, Op.60: To the Golden Rod
1.9 Six Love Songs, Op.40: Sweet Blue-Eyed Maid
1.10 Six Love Songs, Op.40: Sweetheart, Tell Me
1.11 Six Love Songs, Op.40: Thy Beaming Eyes
1.12 Six Love Songs, Op.40: For Sweet Love's Sake
1.13 Six Love Songs, Op.40: O, Lovely Rose
1.14 Six Love Songs, Op.40: I Ask But This
1.15 Drei Lieder, Op.11: My Love and I Sat Close Together
1.16 Drei Lieder, Op.11: You Love Me Not
1.17 Drei Lieder, Op.11: The Skies, Where the Stars Are Glowing
1.18 Zwei Lieder, Op.12: Night Song
1.19 Zwei Lieder, Op.12: The Band of Roses
1.20 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Pansy
1.21 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Myrtle
1.22 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Clover
1.23 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Yellow Daisy
1.24 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Bluebell
1.25 From An Old Garden, Op.26: The Mignonette
1.26 Eight Songs, Op.47: The Robin Sings in the Apple Tree
1.27 Eight Songs, Op.47: Midsummer Lullaby
1.28 Eight Songs, Op.47: Folksong
1.29 Eight Songs, Op.47: Confidence
1.30 Eight Songs, Op.47: The West Wind Croons in the Cedar Trees
1.31 Eight Songs, Op.47: In the Woods
1.32 Eight Songs, Op.47: The Sea
1.33 Eight Songs, Op.47: Through the Meadow
1.34 Two Old Songs, Op.9: Deserted
1.35 Two Old Songs, Op.9: Slumber Song
1.36 Four Songs, Op.56: Long Ago, Sweetheart Mine
1.37 Four Songs, Op.56: The Swan Bent Low to the Lily
1.38 Four Songs, Op.56: A Maid Sings Light
1.39 Four Songs, Op.56: As the Gloaming Shadows Creep
1.40 Three Songs, Op.58: Constancy
1.41 Three Songs, Op.58: Sunrise
1.42 Three Songs, Op.58: Merry Maiden Spring

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