Stevens, Leith All Stars

Stevens, Leith All Stars: Jazz Themes From The Wild One (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Stevens, Leith All Stars
Title: Jazz Themes From The Wild One (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jazz Themes From THE Wild ONE Stevens Leith ALL STARS The music on this CD contains the celebrated jazz scores Leith Stevens wrote for "The Wild One" in 1953 and "Private Hell 36" in 1954. The idea behind putting both scores together on one disc is to offer all this exciting music originally issued on three different records. Stevens' use of progressive jazz created an innovation in film-music history and Stevens was very particular about choosing the right jazz musicians to work on his scores. For these movies he used the interpretative skill of the oustanding young trumpeter and conductor Shorty Rogers. Shorty's collaboration with Steven in scoring films produced some of the most exciting background music of the time. Four of the jukebox tunes from "The Wild One" were first recorded by Shorty's own 19-piece band and issued on a 7-inch single by RCA Victor, still with the original title "Hot Blood". These large orchestra tracks were the first recordings of it's genre appearing in a movie, and the beginning of a jazz tendency in dramatic films.

1.1 The Wild One
1.2 Lonely Way
1.3 Black Rebels' Ride
1.4 Prelude to a Rumble
1.5 Beetle
1.6 Blues for Brando
1.7 Hotshoe
1.8 Drag for Beers
1.9 Windswept
1.10 Scramble
1.11 Bewildered
1.12 Chino

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