Stevie B

Stevie B: Hits Anthology, Vol. 2

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Artist: Stevie B

Artist: Stevie B
Title: Hits Anthology, Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the undisputed King of Freestyle's most popular songs including "Funky Melody" and "Because I Love You"

1.1 Funky Melody
1.2 Come with Me
1.3 Girl I Love Ya
1.4 Dream About You
1.5 Back to You
1.6 I Would Do Anything for You
1.7 Children of Tomorrow
1.8 Broken Hearted
1.9 I'm Not Crazy
1.10 Miracles in the Summertime
1.11 If You Still Love Me
1.12 Since You've Been Gone Away
1.13 Because I Love You
1.14 Love Me for Life
1.15 The People's Megamix

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