Stina: Summers in Mariana

Stina: Summers in Mariana
Title: Summers in Mariana
Label: Vitemen

Summers in Mariana is the sophomore LP by Perth based avant-songstress Stina. Written over the period of two years in her home, the record was born out of a desire to create an upwardly optimistic and iridescent collection of instrumental passages - songs that reflected the glimmer of summer's light. But not all things go as planned - after all if they did, we'd all be just a little bit bored. Summer in Mariana is in many ways a new form of contemporary chamber music. The songs were created in different rooms of Stina's house and now she is opening her house to you, inviting you inside to imagine your own setting in which these songs might exist. This is music of the home, for the home. Melodic light sweetly filtered through parted curtains, the shadows on the floor telling little stories of time indoors.

1.1 Dimmer
1.2 Summer
1.3 Vanilla
1.4 Catkilled
1.5 Myoop
1.6 Nereus
1.7 Bathroom
1.8 Dim
1.9 Lune
1.10 Cantaba at Home

Stina: Summers in Mariana

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