Stingray: Stingray

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stingray

Title: Stingray
Label: Bad Reputation

Newly Remastered - Full booklet with lyrics - South African melodic rock group Stingray was formed in early 1979 with founder members Dennis East (vocals). Mike Pilot (guitars and vocals), Eddie Boyle (bass guitar), Danny Antill (keyboards), Alan Goldswain (keyboards) and Shaun Wright (drums) signing to David Gresham Records they recorded their debut album simply entitled "Stingray". Produced by the legendary Julian Laxton the album contained songs written by the band including the local and international hit "Better The Devil You Know" as well as standalone tracks such as "The Man In My Shoes", "How Much", "Breakdown", "Gonna Keep My Head Together", "Lovesaver", Lucy" and more. The band toured throughout the late 70's in to the early 80's whereas a five piece (minus keyboardist Alan Goldswain) they recorded their second album "Operation Stingray" with all songs once again written by the band. Following this a change in lineup took place where bassist Eddie Boyle was replaced by Gerald "Jiggs' Downing and drummer Shaun Wright by Wally Cullis. The group eventually split up in 1982 where Dennis East returned to his solo career as solo artist, songwriter and producer with David Gresham Records.

1.1 Where Do We Go from Here?
1.2 Better the Devil You Know
1.3 Lovesaver
1.4 Whole Lotta Fire
1.5 Lucy
1.6 Breakdown
1.7 The Man in My Shoes
1.8 How Much?
1.9 Hard Headed Loner
1.10 Gonna Keep My Head Together
1.11 Better the Devil You Know...(Edit)

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