Stinking Lizaveta

Stinking Lizaveta: Sacrifice & Bliss

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Stinking Lizaveta
Title: Sacrifice & Bliss
Product Type: VINYL LP

One of America's most durable and powerful rock bands is back with it's sixth album. Stinking Lizaveta's 'Sacrifice and Bliss' is the latest from the instrumental trio specializing in what one reviewer calls 'insane improvisations, relentless rhythms and volumes of groove.' If you're tired of the stale sludge that passes for modern metal, the sparkling crunch of Stinking Liz's latest will restore your faith in rock and roll.

1.1 A1 Autochthony! Autochthony! 5:03
1.2 A2 a Day Without a Murder 3:49
1.3 A3 Zeitgeist, the Movie 3:40
1.4 A4 When I Love You 3:50
1.5 A5 Sacrifice and Bliss 4:30
1.6 B1 We Will See 5:22
1.7 B2 a Man Without a Country 2:33
1.8 B3 Superluxation 3:51
1.9 B4 Trouble Mountain 4:17
1.10 B5 the Man Needs Your Pain 3:56

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