Stoop Fresh

Stoop Fresh: Stoopnes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stoop Fresh

Artist: Stoop Fresh
Title: Stoopnes

The Stoop Fresh debut album is simply for the love of beats, rhymes and wasting away in front of a Nintendo for days on end! Inspired by the awesome reaction from an MPC skit loaded with mario brothers samples, all 13 beats in StoopNES have been sampled from original and super nintendo games, a collaborative effort by everyone from Stoop Fresh.

1.1 Big White Chill
1.2 My Rhymebook
1.3 Hitchhiker
1.4 I Don't
1.5 Bomberman
1.6 Dan the Raging Sexist
1.7 Playing Games
1.8 Super Faster Fader 200XL
1.9 Charlie Pickering
1.10 Get Down
1.11 So Damn Deep
1.12 What I Said
1.13 Overhear
1.14 I Don't (Remix)
1.15 Hitchhiker (Remix)
1.16 Get Down (Remix)
1.17 Bomberman (Remix)
1.18 Big White Chill (Remix)
1.19 Overhear (Remix)
1.20 What I Said (Remix)
1.21 Super Faster Fader 2000XL (Remix)

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