Stradella / Alessandro Stradella Consort

Stradella / Alessandro Stradella Consort: Cantatas & Serenatas 2

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Product Type: CD

Title: Cantatas & Serenatas 2
Label: Dynamic

Alessandro Stradella was the undisputed star composer of his day who wrote hundreds of works in varying genres. His cantatas are in essence miniature operas in which the themes of love and the complexities of the human condition reflected the composer's own 'cloak and dagger' misadventures amidst Roman and Venetian aristocracy. From an allegory of life in Apre l'uomo infelice and captivating pastoral scenes in Qui dove fa soggiorno, to unrequited love and the desire for freedom expressed in Per tua vaga beltade, Stradella adapted his inventiveness to his patrons' tastes to create these veritable jewels in music, all of which are rich in splendid melodies and refined artistry.

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