Strand of Oaks

Strand of Oaks: Eraserland

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Artist: Strand of Oaks

Artist: Strand of Oaks
Title: Eraserland

2019 release. In December 2017, Tim Showalter was uncertain about his next record and the shape it would eventually take. With no new songs written, he was unprepared for the message he would receive from his friend Carl Broemel, the conversation that would follow, and the album that would become Eraserland. Leading off with standout track "Weird Ways", Eraserland traces Showalter's evolution from apprehension to creative awakening, carving out a new and compelling future for Strand of Oaks. Revived by the support of Broemel and his bandmates, Showalter felt the pressure to deliver songs worthy of musicians he had admired long before and after a 2015 Oaks/MMJ tour. So in February 2018, he spent two weeks alone in Wildwood, New Jersey writing and demoing all of the songs that would eventually comprise Eraserland. And in April, he went into the studio to record with Kevin Ratterman at La La Land Studios in Louisville, Kentucky, and with Broemel, Hallahan, Koster, and Blankenship as his band. Jason Isbell also contributed his Hendrix-esque guitar work to Eraserland, while singer/ songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle provided gorgeous vocals. Every song was recorded live, with all musicians playing together in one room and working to bring Showalter's ideas to fruition.

1.1 Weird Ways
1.2 Hyperspace Blues
1.3 Keys
1.4 Visions
1.5 Final Fires
1.6 Moon Landing
1.7 Ruby
1.8 Wild and Willing
1.9 Eraserland
1.10 Forever Chords
1.11 Cruel Fisherman

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