Strand of Oaks

Strand of Oaks: Heal

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Strand of Oaks

Artist: Strand of Oaks
Title: Heal
Product Type: VINYL LP

From the first bars of HEAL, the exhilarating melodic stomp of 'Goshen '97' puts you right into Tim Showalter's fervent teenage mindset. We find him in his family's basement den in Goshen, IN, feeling alienated but even at 15 years old, believing in the alchemy and power of music to heal your troubles. "The record is called HEAL, but it's not a soft, gentle healing, it's like scream therapy, a command, because I ripped out my subconscious, looked through it, and saw the worst parts. And that's how I got better."

1.1 Goshen '97
1.2 Heal
1.3 Same Emotions
1.4 Shut in
1.5 Woke Up to the Light
1.6 JM
1.7 Plymouth
1.8 Mirage Year
1.9 For Me
1.10 Wait for Love

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