R. Strauss: The Very Best of Johann Strauss

Strauss: Very Best of Johann Strauss
Title: The Very Best of Johann Strauss
Label: Naxos

Johann Strauss wrote hundreds of uplifting waltzes, marches and polkas, plus 16 charming operettas, the best of which are here. You get 150 minutes of favorites, like the Blue Danube; Tales from the Vienna Woods; Thunder and Lightning Polka; Voices of Spring; Wine, Women and Song, and many more from one of the most prolific composers of the 19th century!

1.1 Overture
1.2 Pizzicato Polka
1.3 Roses from the South
1.4 Komm in Die Gondel
1.5 Champagner-Polka
1.6 Emperor Waltz
1.7 Eljen a Magyar Polka
1.8 Wiener Bonbons, Waltz
1.9 Persian March
1.10 Csardas
1.11 Artists' Life
1.12 Tik-Tak Polka
1.13 Blue Danube, Waltz
2.1 Voices of Spring
2.2 Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
2.3 Overture
2.4 Ach, Meine Herrn Und Damen
2.5 Wine, Women and Song
2.6 Annen-Polka
2.7 Tales from the Vienna Woods
2.8 Leichtes Blut Polka
2.9 Wer Uns Getraut
2.10 A Musical Joke
2.11 Thunder and Lightning Polka
2.12 Wiener Blut, Waltz

R. Strauss: The Very Best of Johann Strauss

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