Strawberry Girls

Strawberry Girls: Italian Ghosts

$18.02 $21.98

Artist: Strawberry Girls
Title: Italian Ghosts
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. California's Strawberry Girls have been churning out guitar driven prog-rock for over eight years now and each song can feel like a split personality disorder. At some points contagious rhythms reflect over a pool of mesmerizing riffs, then at other times you simply sit back and wade in the water of soothing melodies. Italian Ghosts, Strawberry Girls' third LP, released in 2017 has now been pressed to vinyl. The album features: Joey Lancaster (Belle), Nic Newsham (Gatsbys American Dream), and many others. Italian Ghosts includes tracks such as "Thank God (feat. Nic Newsham & Kathleen Delano)" which has accumulated millions of streams to date.

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