Streetwize: Sexy Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Streetwize

Artist: Streetwize
Title: Sexy Love

Following the breakthrough of the extremely successful Streetwize series, SEXY LOVE presents the most satisfying and sensual Streetwize music yet - killer smooth jazz versions of the greatest recent slow jam hits from R&B and hip-hop. SEXY love is the ultimate romantic and sexy musical experience; featured are sensuous new versions of such major smash hits as: "Charlene", "Sexy Love", "Take Me As I Am", "Lost Without U" and many more.

1.1 Sexy Love
1.2 Lost Without U
1.3 Heaven (Only Knows)
1.4 Charlene
1.5 Take Me As I Am
1.6 Promise
1.7 Change Me
1.8 Pullin' Me Back
1.9 Say Goodbye
1.10 La la Means I Love You

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