Starfucker: Starfuckers

Strfkr: Starfuckers
Title: Starfuckers
Label: Badman Records

Influenced by 80\'s Hip-Hop style, electro clash and lo-fi psyche, this Portland, OR based three piece craft handmade indie dance-pop delivered by dual drummers and stick to your brain melodies. This is some of the catchiest, most danceable pop put to tape. The experience of seeing Starfucker\'s live performance delivers a certain nostalgia; a reminder of what it was like to be a teenager: inspired, curious, open, hungry for anything new, and smiling uncontrollably. Whether dressed in \'80s era Brooklyn hip-hop style or electro clash, the three bring a new experience and unpredictability to every show. After seeing Starfucker perform, Dylan Magierek of Badman Recording Co. Was blown away. \'Seeing them play for that first time was one of those very rare occasions when I immediately felt I had to work with these guys. Their sound is absolutely infectious and they have all the elements I look for in a great band.\' Recording at Portland's Type Foundry, the debut album of Josh Hodges, Ryan Biornstad and Shawn Glassford is like playing an 8-bit video game where your primary objective is to overcome heartbreak and an obsession with death, your only weapon a love laser mounted on a space bike that zaps out bright red blips and neon bleeps. It\'s poppy, it\'s catchy, and it\'s palatable, and that\'s a good thing. "Starfucker\'s forthcoming self-titled album is a fine piece of fractured, homemade pop, with handclaps, bleary synthesizers, drum machines, clunky acoustic guitars, and honeyed lo-fi harmonies." - Pitchforkmedia Voted one of Portland Oregon's Best New Bands of 2008 by Willamette Week and a featured artist on Myspace.

1.1 Florida
1.2 German Love
1.3 Myke Ptyson
1.4 Laadeedaa
1.5 Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
1.6 U Ba Kind
1.7 Holly
1.8 Hard Smart Beta
1.9 Pop Song
1.10 Miss You
1.11 Isabella of Castile

Starfucker: Starfuckers

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