Submotion Orchestra: Kites

Submotion Orchestra: Kites
Title: Kites
Label: Smo Recordings

Submotion Orchestra's fifth studio album 'Kites' sees the band gloriously return to the smoky, jazz infused electronica which made 'Finest Hour' the cult record that it has now become. - As with all great albums the process is as interesting as the product. Musical Director Tommy Evans explains: "In the two years since 'Colour Theory' there have been a number of significant events for us all including new life and family death. We wanted to use these events as creative inspiration so we bought a disposable camera each and took photos based around these events, or the themes that they represented. Once developed, we selected 10 photos to be used as the inspiration for the 10 tracks on the album. Each track explores a different emotion, theme or event. All are honest, relevant and often hugely personal." - Honesty is something rare in music and all to often bands find themselves trying to second guess their audience or label. 'Kites' is emphatically not that. This is an album brimming with honesty, integrity and beauty.

1.1 Prism 5:03
1.2 Variations 4:24
1.3 Night 3:54
1.4 Kites 5:20
1.5 Bridge 4:05
1.6 Own 5:34
1.7 Branches 4:07
1.8 Youth 5:06
1.9 Tunnel 3:53
1.10 Alone 4:29

Submotion Orchestra: Kites

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