Subterranea / O.S.T.

Subterranea / O.S.T.: Subterranea (Original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Subterranea / O.S.T.
Title: Subterranea (Original Soundtrack)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring music from the award winning 2016 Subterranea film based on prog band IQ's best-selling double concept album. This soundtrack CD contains seventy minutes of new music written by IQ guitarist and composer Michael Holmes, based on themes from the original classic IQ album. It also includes new IQ track "In This Wilderness" written exclusively for the film.

1.1 Are You Awake?
1.2 Awake
1.3 ABC
1.4 The Rip
1.5 Reflection
1.6 She's Down There
1.7 On the Street
1.8 Under the Stairs
1.9 The River
1.10 With a Gun
1.11 In the Car
1.12 Closer
1.13 In the Box
1.14 You Need to Leave
1.15 Incarceration
1.16 Meeting
1.17 Goin' Down
1.18 In the Basement
1.19 In the House
1.20 Deceit and Death
1.21 Beginning the End
1.22 You Made It
1.23 Goin' Back
1.24 In This Wilderness

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