Sugar: Copper Blue/Beaster

Sugar: Copper Blue/Beaster
Title: Copper Blue/Beaster
Label: Merge Records

Copper Blue / Beaster 3-CD is a remastered deluxe edition of Sugar's quintessential debut album & companion EP. Also included are B-sides, a complete 1992 live show and a 40-page booklet with band interviews. The 2-LP version includes Copper Blue & Beaster on vinyl, plus downloads of both records, B-sides and the complete 1992 live show.

1.1 The Act We Act
1.2 A Good Idea
1.3 Changes
1.4 Helpless
1.5 Hoover Dam
1.6 The Slim
1.7 If I Can't Change Your Mind
1.8 Fortune Teller
1.9 Slick
1.10 Man on the Moon
1.11 Needle Hits E
1.12 If I Can't Change Your Mind [Solo Mix]
1.13 Try Again
1.14 Clownmaster
2.1 Come Around
2.2 Tilted
2.3 Judas Cradle
2.4 JC Auto
2.5 Feeling Better
2.6 Walking Away
3.1 The Act We Act [Live]
3.2 A Good Idea [Live]
3.3 Changes [Live]
3.4 Running Out of Time [Live]
3.5 Helpless [Live]
3.6 If I Can't Change Your Mind [Live]
3.7 Where Diamonds Are Halos [Live]
3.8 Hoover Dam [Live]
3.9 Beer Commercial [Live]
3.10 Slick [Live]
3.11 Anyone [Live]
3.12 Clownmaster [Live]
3.13 Tilted [Live]
3.14 Armenia City in the Sky [Live]
3.15 JC Auto [Live]
3.16 The Slim [Live]
3.17 Dum Dum Boys [Live]
3.18 Man on the Moon [Live]

Sugar: Copper Blue/Beaster

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