Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence: You Can't Stop Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Suicide Silence

Title: You Can't Stop Me
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

Many of the greatest works of art throughout history were fashioned from grief, anger and overwhelming despair descending on it's creators in the aftermath of tragedy and Suicide Silence's appropriately titled YOU CAN'T STOP ME is no exception. Plenty of bands trumpet the idea of strength through adversity, but few have lived it like this one. Like the once unthinkable creative and commercial reemergence of Alice in Chains or the classic, legendary and timeless touchstone that is AC/DC's BACK IN BLACK, Suicide Silence's fourth album features a new front man on the heels of an earthshaking tragedy. YOU CAN'T STOP ME serves as a simultaneous introduction to vocalist Hernan 'Eddie' Hermida, as well as a celebration of the brotherhood the band shared with Hermida's fallen predecessor. The group chose the album's title from a collection of lyrics left behind by the late Mitch Lucker, while their formidable revamped sound makes it clear that Suicide Silence's resurrection is complete.

1.1 M.A.L
1.2 Inherit the Crown
1.3 Cease to Exist
1.4 Sacred Words
1.5 Control
1.6 Warrior
1.7 You Can't Stop Me
1.8 Monster Within
1.9 We Have All Had Enough
1.10 Ending Is the Beginning
1.11 Don't Die
1.12 Ouroboros

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