Sumire Uesaka: Neo Propaganda

Sumire Uesaka: Neo Propaganda
Title: Neo Propaganda
Label: Jpu Records

2020 release. Sumire Uesaka is pop singer from Japan who is also an anime and video game voice actress, having appeared in over 100 games, series and films. Neo Propaganda is her fourth album and second to be released outside of Asia. The multitalented star went viral last year where her song 'Pop Team Epic' was used as the theme song to a popular anime of the same name, leading her to be number one in Japan's viral chart on Spotify as well as #1 in the country's top 100 tracks. Neo Propganda includes theme songs from the anime "Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?!", "Pop Team Epic" and "Hozuki's Coolheadedness". For fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume and anime. Booklet includes English lyric translations and transliterations.

1.1 Yokan (Extra Stage)
1.2 Bonkkyubon Wa Kare No Mono
1.3 Super Rhofu Ryofu Paradise!
1.4 Run Fast, Rasputin!
1.5 Message
1.6 Last Sparkle
1.7 Goddess And Reaper
1.8 Uesaka Dynamic
1.9 Theme Of The Night Shift Warrior
1.10 Outermost -Super Natural Love-
1.11 Spy
1.12 Neo Tokyo Singing

Sumire Uesaka: Neo Propaganda

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