Super Madrigal Brothers: Shakestation

Super Madrigal Brothers: Shakestation
Title: Shakestation
Label: American Patchwork

Momus writes: 'I discovered Adam Bruneau (alias Oliver Cobol) when the young Georgian sent me an intriguing record called '8 Bit Christmas' towards the end of 2001. I was with my friend Toog in New York when we heard it & it became our favourite record: melodic cute full of nostalgia for the artificial landscapes of 1980s computer games. At about the same time on tour in Detroit I met John Talaga (alias Sir John Fashion Flesh) & heard the amazing radical deconstructions of his group Fa.

1.1 Say Dear, Will You Not Have?
1.2 Pastime with Good Company
1.3 Gagliarda Venziana
1.4 Puisque M'amour
1.5 Galliarde
1.6 Unam Petii
1.7 Kemp's Jig
1.8 Minuet
1.9 Good Morrow Fair Ladies of the Day
1.10 O Venus Bant
1.11 Recercada Quinta
1.12 Romanesca
1.13 Kemp's Jig
1.14 Kemp's Jig [Continued]
1.15 Minuet
1.16 Minuet [Continued]
1.17 Good Morrow Fair Ladies of the May
1.18 Good Morrow Fair Ladies of the May [Continued]
1.19 O Venus Bant
1.20 O Venus Bant [Continued]
1.21 Recercada Quinta
1.22 Recercada Quinta [Continued]
1.23 Romanesca
1.24 Romanesca [Continued]

Super Madrigal Brothers: Shakestation

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