Superchunk: Majesty Shredding

Superchunk: Majesty Shredding
Title: Majesty Shredding
Label: Merge Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Since releasing their first 7-inch in '89, Superchunk has run the gamut of milestone albums: early punk rock stompers, polished mid-career masterpieces, and lush, adventurous curveballs. Conventional wisdom holds that a band two decades into it's career can only rehash or reinvent, but with Majesty Shredding, Superchunk has done something entirely different. Neither a return nor a departure, Majesty Shredding telescopes two decades into 41 indelible, action-packed minutes. It is the sound of youthful exuberance fine-tuned with grown-up confidence. And it may very well be their best record yet.

1.1 Digging for Something
1.2 My Gap Feels Weird
1.3 Rosemarie
1.4 Crossed Wires
1.5 Slow Drip
1.6 Fractures in Plaster
1.7 Learned to Surf
1.8 Winter Games
1.9 Rope Light
1.10 Hot Tubes
1.11 Everything at Once

Superchunk: Majesty Shredding

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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