Superchunk: No Pocky for Kitty

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Artist: Superchunk

Artist: Superchunk
Title: No Pocky for Kitty
Product Type: VINYL LP

Superchunk's Steve Albini-produced sophomore effort put the Chapel Hill kids on the map with huge guitars and perennial faves like "Skip Steps 1 & 3". The LP reissue is on 180 gm vinyl and includes a coupon for an MP3 download of the entire album.

1.1 Skip Steps 1 ; 3
1.2 Seed Toss
1.3 Cast Iron
1.4 Tower
1.5 Punch Me Harder
1.6 Sprung a Leak
1.7 30 Xtra
1.8 Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus
1.9 Press
1.10 Sidewalk
1.11 Creek
1.12 Throwing Things

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