Superm: Superm The 1st Album Super One

$11.16 $12.98
Product Type: CASSETTES
Artist: Superm

Title: Superm The 1st Album Super One
Label: SM Entertainment Co
Product Type: CASSETTES

SuperM -"SuperM The 1st Album 'Super One'" - First-ever SuperM cassette configuration of The 1st Album - Super One, featuring the same tracklisting, but in a unique and collectible packaging. Just in time for the holidays! Orange Cassette in clear case with 5-panel J-Card - Version Title: [Cassette] [Orange]

1.1 One (Monster ;amp; Infinity)
1.2 Infinity
1.3 Monster
1.4 Wish You Were Here
1.5 Big Chance
1.6 100
1.7 Tiger Inside
1.8 Better Days
1.9 Together At Home
1.10 Drip
1.11 Line 'Em Up
1.12 Dangerous Woman
1.13 Step Up
1.14 So Long
1.15 With You

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