Suplington: After Life

Suplington: After Life
Title: After Life
Label: Youngbloods
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing with a special sleeve featuring poetic vignettes and track credits in a smooth, glossy jacket featuring a colorful collage by Suplington built from his own photographs taken on the British coast. Includes digital download. Through a cascade of field recordings over deep waves of Ambient and Classical meditations, After Life by British composer and producer Suplington is a grand yet forbearing course charted through the currents of one's final moments. His second album to chance a curious glance beyond the veil of waking life, After Life paints a nautical panorama with a variety of guest appearances, including flutist Nadiya Darling and Brooklyn-based Archie Pelago members, cellist Greg 'Cosmo D' Heffernan and saxophonist Kroba.

1.1 Abeyance
1.2 Oceanic Incitation
1.3 Seagulls in Your Mind
1.4 Chimerical Recital
1.5 A View in Motion
1.6 Limbo State
1.7 Sore Eyes
1.8 Procession

Suplington: After Life

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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