Cast Recording

Cast Recording: Little Women: The Musical

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cast Recording

Title: Little Women: The Musical
Label: Ghostlight

1.1 Overture
1.2 An Operatic Tragedy
1.3 Better
1.4 Our Finest Dreams
1.5 Here Alone
1.6 Could You?
1.7 I'd Be Delighted
1.8 Take a Chance on Me
1.9 Off to Massachusetts
1.10 Five Forever
1.11 More Than I Am
1.12 Astonishing
1.13 The Weekly Volcano Press
1.14 How I Am
1.15 Some Things Are Meant to Be
1.16 The Most Amazing Thing
1.17 Days of Plenty
1.18 The Fire Within Me
1.19 Small Umbrella in the Rain
1.20 Sometimes When You Dream (Reprise)

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