Suzi Quatro: The Devil In Me

Suzi Quatro: The Devil In Me
Title: The Devil In Me
Label: Steamhammer

The Devil In Me is the best album in my career to date!" After all, the American rock vocalist would hardly utter such superlatives lightly. Suzi's enthusiasm for her latest offering has many reasons, twelve of them to be precise. Because The Devil In Me consists of exactly a dozen songs, each of them - from the opening track and title song to the final 'Motor City Riders' - a real highlight. That this moment is still a long way in the distant future is partly due to The Devil In Me. "I have to confess that I could hardly wait to work on new material again with Richard after the release of No Control," Suzi explains. "Every album has it's own creative history and I know that it's impossible to plan success. But Richard and I were certain of one thing: We knew we'd be a good team again.

1.1 The Devil in Me
1.2 Hey Queenie
1.3 Betty Who
1.4 You Can't Dream It
1.5 My Heart and Soul
1.6 Get Outta Jail
1.7 Do You Dance
1.8 Isolation Blues
1.9 I Sold My Soul Today
1.10 Love's Gone Bad
1.11 In the Dark
1.12 Motor City Riders
1.13 Can I Be Your Girl
1.14 Desperado

Suzi Quatro: The Devil In Me

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