Svartanatt: Svartanatt

Svartanatt: Svartanatt
Title: Svartanatt
Label: Sign Records

The self titled debut album from Svartanatt is to be released the 26th of August. Svartanatt delivers timeless rock with a classic sound that picks up songwriting from the 60´s music scene and the early days of modern rock history. With a focus on writing well crafted songs the band have found a good mixture between the music and Jani Lehtinen´s vocals and lyrics filled with soul. Based in Sweden it´s no doubt where the band gets it´s darkness from, but a glimps of hope and light is ever present in their music. "Straight outta Stockholm with a copy of the late 1960s concealed in their backpack, Svartanatt (it means 'black night', apparently) conjure up the early days of Rock with a track that's three quarters garage and nine fifths psychedelia. It's certainly much better than our grasp of basic math." - Classic Rock Magazine (About first single Demon) With a classic rock band set up with guitars, bas, organ, drums and vocals the band have recorded a well balanced album. Straight up rock songs as Demon or Rocket works side by side with a classic sounding rock ballad as Thunderbirds Whispering Wind. The members of Svartanatt have experience from serving time in bands such as The Scrags, John Duva and Beardfish. The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden and the album was recorded in two sessions in the band members hometown Gävle

1.1 Filled Up with Darkness
1.2 Times Are Changing
1.3 Demon
1.4 Nightmen
1.5 Thunderbirds Whispering Wind
1.6 Dreams
1.7 Rocket
1.8 Dead Mans Alley
1.9 Secrets of the Earth
1.10 Destination No End

Svartanatt: Svartanatt

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