Sweet Az Sound System

Sweet Az Sound System: Coastal Connection

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Sweet Az Sound System
Title: Coastal Connection

Coastal Connection is the debut brainchild of producer DJ Kina (Simon Boyd) from the Versionaries and MC Extraordinaire RayJah45 (Raymond Te Oranga-Nolan) from Sydney Reggae band This Version. Never ones to be bunched with the rest, Sweet Az Soundsystem have forged a hybrid formula that could best be described as a fusion of Dub, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. The Sweet Az Sound always keeps one foot firmly on the dance floor with the conscious soulful vibes of RayJah and the sub frequency production of DJ Kina coming together to form a unique style that appeals to a wide audience. The album features a talented bunch of collaborations including MC Kye from Bud spells, Georgie Fisher and Haile Suspicious from the Versionaries, Shamik the Human Drum Machine from Canada, MC Antic, plus Simon Kay and Tom Fisher on horns.

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