Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister: Beautiful Mess

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Product Type: CD

Title: Beautiful Mess
Label: Shanachie

BEAUTIFUL MESS is Swing Out Sisters first new studio album in five years and will be hotly anticipated by their fiercely loyal fans. The album delivers Swing Outs usual melodic beauty but evolves their sound subtly with a more rhythm-heavy production.

1.1 Something Every Day
1.2 Time Tracks You Down
1.3 Butterfly
1.4 My State of Mind
1.5 I'd Be Happy
1.6 Butterfly Lullaby
1.7 Secret Love (You're Invisible)
1.8 All I Say, All I Do
1.9 Out There
1.10 Beautiful Mess
1.11 Butterfly [Little Wizard Mix]
1.12 Something Every Day [Little Wizard Mix]
1.13 Something Every Day [Late Night Studio Take] [Take]
1.14 Breakout [Late Night Studio Take] [Take]

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