Sylvia Telles: Amor de Gente Moca: Musicas de Anthonio Carlos

Sylvia Telles: Amor de Gente Moca: Musicas de Anthonio Carlos
Title: Amor de Gente Moca: Musicas de Anthonio Carlos
Label: El

2016 collection. Sylvia Telles was the first female bossa nova singer; with Dolores Duran and Maysa, the most influential of her generation. She was the finest interpreter of the songs of one of the greatest songwriters of the twentieth century, the Brazilian master, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and she was his favorite vocalist. Amor de Gente Moça, like so many of Brazil's historic recordings is inexplicably out of print. Yet its importance as a landmark and a portent is undeniable. A showpiece for Jobim's writing and a springboard for bossa nova at home, it cemented Sylvia's popularity with Brazilian record-buyers and alerted North American record companies to her brilliance. Now, under the auspices of her husband and former label manager at Odeon and Elenco, Aloysio de Oliveira, she was beginning to record albums for the USA market with arrangers like Nelson Riddle and the legendary jazz guitarist Barney Kessel before, late in 1966 she lost her life in a tragic automobile accident.

1.1 Dindi
1.2 De Voce, Eu Gosto (I Like You)
1.3 Discussao (Discussion)
1.4 Sem Voce (Without You)
1.5 Fotografia (Photograph)
1.6 Janelas Abertas (Open Windows)
1.7 Demais (Too Much)
1.8 O Que Tinha de Ser (What Had to Be)
1.9 A Felicidade (Happiness)
1.10 Canta, Canta Mais (Sing, Sing Some More)
1.11 So Em Teus Bracos (Only in Your Arms)
1.12 Esquecendo Voce (Forgetting You)
1.13 Eu Preciso de Voce (I Need You)
1.14 Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (I Know I Will Love You)
1.15 Samba Torto (Pardon My English)
1.16 Corcovado (Quiet Night of Quiet
1.17 Samba de Uma Nota So (One Note Samba)
1.18 Por Causa de Voce (Gradez Moi Pour Toujours)
1.19 Cala Meu Amor (Quiet My Love)
1.20 E Preciso Dizer Adeus (I Need You)
1.21 Magoa (Sorrow)
1.22 Caminhos Cruzados (Crossroads)
1.23 Estrda Do Sol (Road to the Sun)
1.24 Aula de Matematica (Maths Class)
1.25 Por Causa de Voce (Because of You)
1.26 Sucedeu Assim (It Happened Like That)
1.27 Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce (Someone to Light Up My Life)
1.28 Foi a Noite (It Was the Night)
1.29 Eu Nao Existo Sem Voce (I Don't Exist Without You) - Sylvia Telles ; Lucio Alves

Sylvia Telles: Amor de Gente Moca: Musicas de Anthonio Carlos

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