Sync24: Comfortable Void

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sync24

Title: Comfortable Void
Label: Sidereal

SyEach track flows gently into the next like the slow rising of the sun on a winter's dawn. It floats, perpetually slowly with soft touches buffering the listener from all that is intrusive. Crawling with a sloth like measured calm the album is peaceful and relaxing moving across the chill landscape. Shifting from ambient to the delicate notes of trance sometimes within the same track this is a security blanket. Never in a hurry it unfolds precisely on time. Glacial pads form the backdrop as tones ring gently amidst real instruments.

1.1 Comfortable Void
1.2 Inadvertent
1.3 Dance of the Droids
1.4 Insomn
1.5 Nanites
1.6 Sequor
1.7 Something Something
1.8 Oomph
1.9 Wake
1.10 There Is No Spoon

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