T-Nutty: Return Of The Floheakin

T-Nutty: Return Of The Floheakin
Title: Return Of The Floheakin
Label: Nutt Factor

"Return Of The Floeheakin" is the brand new album from T-Nutty. It's the return of the track ripping, cutting edge hardeline T-Nutty that the fans have grown to love. Face-Paced, creative and mind blowing tracks like "Butter Cutter" leads you off into this journey. Other notable tracks are "Dragon Slayer," "Cocaine Crazy," and "Dirty" featuring Platinum selling Sacramento veteran Brotha Lynch Hung. Production for "Return Of The Floheakin" was handled by the imfamous L-Fingaz, Kacey Khaliel, Legion of Doom, TD and a few unknown collaborators. Features for the album was mostly kept within the Nutt Factor Family such as Liq Sto' and Karasi.

1.1 Butter Cutter
1.2 Return of the Floheakin
1.3 Go for It (Feat. G Swiv)
1.4 Grave Digger
1.5 Cocane Crazy (Feat. Liq ; Thrilla)
1.6 Mac Sauce
1.7 Dragon Slayer
1.8 Dangerous (Feat. Karasi)
1.9 These Days (Feat. Liq)
1.10 Holla (Feat. Drelly, Lil Meek, Charitte)
1.11 Mind Control (Feat. Liq)
1.12 Dirty (Feat. Brotha Lynch)
1.13 It Goes Down (Feat. G Swiv)
1.14 Believe That

T-Nutty: Return Of The Floheakin

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