T.S.O.L.: Dance With Me

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Artist: T.S.O.L.

Artist: T.S.O.L.
Title: Dance With Me
Product Type: VINYL LP

Dance With Me was the first album by Long Beach punk band T. S. O. L. (TRUE SOUNDS OF LIBERTY). Originally released on Frontier Records in 1981, the album hasn't been available since 2007 when it was reissued by The Offspring's Nitro Records. Dance With Me saw the band move away from the hardcore punk roots of their debut EP released earlier in the year and the music became more melodic and goth-tinged as did the lyrics. The album was recorded by THOM WILSON (Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, The Offspring) and the cover featured paintings by MARK WASSMAN and photos by GLEN E. FRIEDMAN. The first in a series of classic vinyl reissues featuring original artwork painstakingly restored and hot-stamped with gold foiling, "Other than the Misfits, no band has combined gothy subject matter and punk rock barre chords as well as T. S. O. L. , who hit the nail on the head with this classic 1981 recording"- Allmusic. Com

1.1 Sounds of Laughter
1.2 Code Blue
1.3 The Triangle
1.4 80 Times
1.5 I'm Tired of Life
1.6 Love Story
1.7 Silent Scream
1.8 Funeral March
1.9 Die for Me
1.10 Peace Thru Power
1.11 Dance with Me

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