Tacocat: This Mess Is A Place

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tacocat

Title: This Mess Is A Place
Label: Sub Pop

When Seattle band Tacocat - vocalist Emily Nokes, bassist Bree McKenna, guitarist Eric Randall, and drummer Lelah Maupin - first started in 2007, the world they were responding to was vastly different from the current Seattle scene of diverse voices they've helped foster. It was a world of house shows, booking DIY tours on MySpace, and writing funny, deliriously catchy feminist pop-punk songs when feminism was the quickest way to alienate yourself from the then-en vogue garage-rock bros. Their lyrical honesty, humor, and hit-making sensibilities have built the band a fiercely devoted fanbase over the years, one that has followed them from basements to dive bars to sold-out shows at the Showbox.

1.1 Hologram
1.2 New World
1.3 Grains of Salt
1.4 The Joke of Life
1.5 Little Friend
1.6 Rose-Colored Sky
1.7 The Problem
1.8 Crystal Ball
1.9 Meet Me at la Palma
1.10 Miles and Miles

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