Takako Nishizaki

Takako Nishizaki: None But Lonely Heart

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Artist: Takako Nishizaki
Title: None But Lonely Heart

This inventive album presents Tchaikovsky's occasionally heard songs in arrangements for violin and orchestra by Peter Breiner. Although the songs may not often be performed today by singers, these irresistible melodies provide justification enough to be heard in this almost equally satisfying form: "Why?", "Not a word, O my friend", and "The fearful minute" are among the composer's most inspired creations and should be heard more often. A few, however, such as the ever-popular "None But the Lonely Heart", need the soulful evocation of the human voice to make their full effect. Ljuba Kazarnovskaya's vocal recital (also on Naxos) demonstrates what a great singer can bring to this impassioned music. But overall Takako Nishizaki's beautiful singing tone and sweetly-wrought phrasing, partnered with Breiner's affectionate conducting, make these transcriptions pleasing and satisfying musical experiences, even without the love poems that were Tchaikovsky's main impetus.

1.1 Forgive
1.2 If Only I Had Known
1.3 Was I Not a Little Blade of Grass
1.4 Two Radiant Eyes
1.5 Behind the Window of the Shadow
1.6 Amid the Din of the Ball
1.7 The Canary
1.8 Why?
1.9 My Spoilt Darling
1.10 Tell Me What in the Shade of the Branches
1.11 Why Did I Dream of You?
1.12 Not a Word, O My Friend
1.13 The Fearful Minute
1.14 I Should Like in a Single Word
1.15 He Loved Me So Much
1.16 I Opened the Window
1.17 None But the Lonely Heart
1.18 Frenzied Nights
1.19 Reconciliation
1.20 Night
1.21 Death
1.22 Pimpinella

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