Talibam!: Puff Up the Volume

$24.92 $28.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Talibam!

Title: Puff Up the Volume
Label: Critical Heights
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Jimmys from the 49th
1.2 Zombie from Albequrque
1.3 I Want All Your Money
1.4 Step in the Marina
1.5 From Nasa to Boeing
1.6 Occupy My Jimmy
1.7 Puff Up the Volume
1.8 Hard Day Tough Day
1.9 Poor Little Jimmys
1.10 Wack Wack Chippy Wimp
1.11 Jimmys Confused
1.12 Dr Giggles
1.13 You're a Creep
1.14 Sweet Leader
1.15 Jimmys Angry
1.16 Jack Is in a Hotdog
1.17 Jimmys ; Condoleeza
1.18 Mottel in the Hotel
1.19 Jimmys Try a Turn

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