Tallesen: Stills Lit Through

Tallesen: Stills Lit Through
Title: Stills Lit Through
Label: Software Label
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 vinyl LP pressing with download code for 4 bonus tracks. Tallesen is Hudson, NY electronica musician and visual artist Cayman Johnson. 'Stills Lit Through' is his debut release. The twelve songs conjure an eidolon of melodies painted with watercolor brushstrokes both calm ("Glenticast") and frenetic ("Emmel"). This closely characterizes Johnson's work as a visual artist. The collection when taken as a whole is wonderfully consistent. You'll hear echoes of Autechre's corporeal maneuvers (bass as lead voice, plasticity of foreground vs. Background), but, if you dig out the provenance of Johnson's nom de plume, you really start to understand how the melodic through-lines of the record operate on a more illustrative level.

1.1 Blue Stills
1.2 Glenticast
1.3 Chime Ever
1.4 Motion Past Shine
1.5 Take Flash East
1.6 Emmel
1.7 Set Red, Seize Grey
1.8 Strike Silver, Love Green
1.9 Plasticized Fsa
1.10 Illusion Crossed Phase
1.11 Landmark Rituals
1.12 Teal Sport Focus
1.13 Court Sight (Bonus Track)
1.14 Eveibury (Bonus Track)
1.15 Line Cross Shore (Bonus Track)
1.16 Night Bloom (Bonus Track)

Tallesen: Stills Lit Through

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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