Talos: Wild Alee

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Talos

Artist: Talos
Title: Wild Alee
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Eoin French, the Irish artist better known as Talos, has always seen a connection between architecture and music. "I started my first band around the same time I started studying architecture. The two fed into each other and their influences just naturally started to cross-pollinate, so they've always been intertwined in my life." One listen to Talos' brilliant debut, Wild Alee, and his architecture background begins to make perfect sense. The music is grand and soaring, perpetually reaching skyward while remaining firmly grounded with foundations dug deep into the soil. Some songs are bright and airy, full of natural light, while others lend an eerie and imposing atmosphere, all shadowy corners and mirrored hallways.

1.1 Runaway
1.2 Odyssey
1.3 In Time
1.4 Piece[S]
1.5 Contra
1.6 Endgame
2.1 Tethered Bones
2.2 This Is Us Colliding
2.3 209
2.4 Your Love Is An Island
2.5 Landscapes
2.6 Wetlands
2.7 Voices

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